Structured Foundation Repairs
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After many years of our over 31,000 customers asking us if we could help them with their roofs, we started a roofing division, Structured Roofing Systems ( Now we can protect your home from the foundation to the roof. Not only will our roofing customers receive the same quality service that our foundation repair customers have come to rely on, they will get a transferrable lifetime workmanship warranty (industry standard is 2-5 years). In addition to that, all our workers will be covered by Worker’s Compensation (something generally unheard of in the roofing industry).

Finally, not only can Structured Foundation Repairs lift and stabilize your foundation, we can now lift and stabilize your driveways, patios, sidewalks, and pool decks. Our new polyurethane concrete lifting system can address settled concrete flatwork around your home that we previously couldn’t do with piers.

So, if you have concerns about your roof and would like to work with someone you already trust, give Structured Roofing Systems a call at 469-225-3001 to set up your free roof inspection. We can also help you navigate through any insurance claims for your roof. 

If you have a sidewalk, patio, driveway, or pool deck that has settled and you want an option that does not include replacing it, call Structured Foundation Repairs at 972-484-1200 for your free inspection.

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