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STARS Theater Company announces a fun filled week of theater for kids ages 7-12, July 11-15. The joy of acting awaits as the young actors spend their days in TOYSCHOOL, laughing and learning in the colossal comedy set in a college for misfit toys. The camp will be held at the Community Building located at 2012 Shady Brook in Bedford.


TOYSCHOOL tells the story of a Toy Soldier who cannot march; a Glow Toy that is not too bright; Prima Donna, a ballerina doll that cannot dance; Jig & Saw, puzzle pieces that can’t get along; a Jack in The Box with poor timing, and a class filled with hilarity. Ms. Grouchstick heads the school, but is she a teacher or a witch? As the toys try to graduate and earn their price tags, they overcome their weaknesses and soon realize that everyone is good at something.


Don’t miss the fun.  Be a part of the show.  The comedy and clowning runs for one week, July 11-15, Monday – Friday, 9:00am-4:00pm, and will culminate in a performance at the end of the session. The camp is directed by Lu Anne Tyson, STARS Theater Company, Director. For pricing and more information call 817-925-1430 or check STARS website at

STARS Theater Company is a non-profit educational theater for young people located in Northeast Tarrant County. STARS provides professional guidance, education, and training in theater arts to young people. Our professional staff includes a voice instructor, choreographer, and director. - Contact Lu Anne at  
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