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Photo credit: James Jamison The House of Blue Leaves

“The House of Blue Leaves" by John Guare opened this week end at OnStage in Bedford. 

Set in a Queens, New York, apartment in the 1960s on the day the Pope is coming to America for a visit, “The House of Blue Leaves” is an excellent analysis of the desire to achieve celebrity status in our society.

Director Mike Hathaway shares in the program notes: “The playwright, John Guare, once wrote that the main theme of the play is one of humiliation, from which all comedy and tragedy stems.”  

“I disagree,” Hathaway continues. “House peeks into the dark corners of the thirst for greatness, showing us a world where even nuns have the bug. I think we can all relate. I‘d be willing to bet that at some point every person reading this had a hairbrush microphone and fantasized about appearing on T.V.“    

One thing is for sure — the often sad, always “crazy” characters kept me in stitches throughout the evening. 

OnStage in Bedford is a delightful venue located in the picturesque Boys Ranch Activity Center, easily accessible off Highway 183. The small (97 seats), intimate (not a bad seat in the house) theater serves drinks and “the world’s best popcorn” in their lobby concession before the show and during intermission. 

For little more than the cost of a movie ticket (the popcorn is way cheaper!) you can experience live theater in the Dallas-Fort Worth area at OnStage in Bedford. 

“The House of Blue Leaves" runs through August 30.