Type: Calendar

  8/5/2023 Musical Auditions for Teens and PreTeens Lu Anne Tyson

Type: Discussion

  7/31/2023 Join the Cast of STARS Youth Fall & Winter Musicals Lu Anne Tyson
  5/25/2023 Summer Theater Adventure in Neverland with PAN Lu Anne Tyson
  1/25/2023 Youth Theater Opens 29th Season and It's A Beauty Lu Anne Tyson
  8/8/2022 Kids Ages 8-12 Will Make a Little Magic This Fall In THE ELVES & THE SHOEMAKER Lu Anne Tyson
  7/12/2022 Seize the Day! Teen Auditions for Disney’s NEWSIES Lu Anne Tyson
  4/21/2022 Summer Theater Comedy for Kids Ages 7-12 Lu Anne Tyson
  1/30/2022 Kids Ages 8-12 Travel to the MAGICAL LAND OF OZ Lu Anne Tyson
  7/28/2021 Teens & Kids Take The Stage This Fall Lu Anne Tyson
  5/26/2021 A Summer of Musical Theater for Ages 7-12 Lu Anne Tyson
  4/26/2021 Summer of Musical Theater and Magical Adventures for Ages 7-12 Lu Anne Tyson
  2/1/2021 Auditions For Young People at STARS Theater Company Lu Anne Tyson
  7/27/2020 Theater For Young People - Bring Your Mask & Join the Cast Lu Anne Tyson
  1/31/2020 Youth Auditions for THE WIZARD OF OZ Lu Anne Tyson
  9/17/2019 Getting To Know You at STARS Theater Company Lu Anne Tyson
  7/29/2019 Youth Auditions for Disney's FROZEN Jr. Lu Anne Tyson
  6/26/2019 Shining STARS Take Their Final Bow Lu Anne Tyson
  4/3/2019 Day of Fun With STARS Theater Company Lu Anne Tyson
  2/19/2019 Summer and Spring Theater Auditions for Local Young People Lu Anne Tyson
  2/10/2019 STARS Theater Company Youth Auditions for 25th Anniversary Season Lu Anne Tyson
  12/27/2018 STARS Theater presents ROCK AROUND THE BLOCK Lu Anne Tyson